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Her second album, Waiting for Nancy, is high energy, adventure, flirting in and out of edgy 80’s girl rock, punk, and 60’s psychedelia.


“Stealing Flowers” is both the title track of Lande’s debut album. The song originated at a wedding, on a private Oregon estate in August. A little girl, donned in wedding dress frills and curls, was playfully picking flowers. Lande watched in adoration as the little girl relished in the beauty of the flowers, all the while thinking, “she really isn’t supposed to be picking those.” The story highlights the innocence of childhood—a little girl seeing only the beauty in the world, and not at all concerned with adult subjects such as property ownership. The video was later filmed on the actual site where the song originated. Lande plays the role of herself, and Kaia Moon, plays the part of the little girl, symbolizing the inner child. Long Oregon summer days make for dreamy twilight hues, and local videographer, Luke Menasco ( perfectly captures the feel of the story. 

“One day we’ll all be fossils..” the recurring theme of this ‘haunting meets whimsical’ song about living life for today. “Nothing is permanent, nothing’s meant to stay,” the song begins with dueling guitars that meander around the story line.



In all, the collection of songs center around fun beats, dreamy vocals, and eclectic musical styles meant to expand the listener’s mind while keeping them guessing.

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