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"Sometimes everything comes together perfectly and it feels like a little bit of magic happens." Lande says. "It fills my soul. Those are the songs I like sharing with people because they tend to mean something to them as well."

Anne Pick/ Bend Source Weekly

"These esoteric sounds work well with the themes presented in the similarly psychedelic-inspired lyrics. There's a sense of wonder and yearning present throughout, with songs such as the aforementioned "Fossils" and the string-driven "Breathe" focusing on living life in the moment.

Anne Pick/ Bend Source Weekly


“One day we’ll all be fossils..” the recurring theme of this ‘haunting meets whimsical’ song about living life for today. “Nothing is permanent, nothing’s meant to stay,” the song begins with dueling guitars that meander around the story line.

New Album

Out Now!

Her second album, Waiting for Nancy, is high energy, adventure, flirting in and out of edgy 80’s girl rock, punk, and 60’s psychedelia.

Tour Dates 

07 Sept

The Lodge, Bend, Oregon

14 Sept

Bevel, Bend, Oregon

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